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Meg Dion’s debut release “Easy to Miss” could be classified as a breakup song, but not the kind you’re thinking of… 

Photo Credits: Casey Dion

Rather than griping about an ex-love or wallowing in sadness, “Easy to Miss” is a sultry dark pop anthem for people who are already over it, unforgettable, and confident in their self-worth. Through clever lyrics like “Taking some distance but you couldn’t get far” and “How many hollow bodies to realize it was always me?” Meg Dion perfectly explains the people who instigate the end of a relationship only to realize how much they can’t live without you.

Produced by Jesse Maxwell and mastered by Dylan Mckinstry, the song is built on a strong beat and features the perfect amount of distortion. The contrast between the throbbing beat and Meg’s soft voice is reminiscent of an award-winning Billie Eilish hit or an early Marilyn Manson song.

Based in Toronto, Meg Dion is well-versed in multiple artistic mediums. With 32.7k subscribers, her YouTube channel was once one of the most popular art resin accounts. Although Meg is now focusing her career on music and acting, she returned to the resin world as a special surprise after her debut song release with a video of her creating resin art to “Easy to Miss.” Across her Instagram and TikTok, where she already has over 20k likes, she has also been sharing behind-the-scenes videos from the studio where she gets honest about the songwriting and production process. 

Within three days of launching her Spotify account and releasing her first track, Meg Dion already has 200 monthly listeners and promises her next catchy release is already in the works.

Stream “Easy to Miss” on Spotify