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Shaping the Future of Music: Greater Than Distribution’s Bold New Blueprint for the Industry

Photography by Palma Wright & various

Greater Than Distribution is revolutionizing the music industry with a bold, innovative approach that transcends traditional music distribution. Led by industry giants Randy Jackson and Paula Moore, and in collaboration with Virgin Music Group, Greater Than is crafting a vibrant ecosystem where artists, micro-influencers, and cultural curators converge to redefine what it means to be a part of the music world.

sonny apollo Meet Sonny Apollo, a standout talent on Greater Than’s roster, whose eclectic journey through music is as inspiring as his tracks. Picture a three-year-old Sonny, mimicking piano tunes and belting out songs with his church choir. Fast forward through years of musical theater, a deep dive into opera, and a love affair with the sounds of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Sonny’s got a style that’s all his own, blending pop and R&B with a splash of everything that makes your soul dance. His mentor, Chris Patrick, played a crucial role in his arrival at Greater Than, where Sonny found a label that matched his vision and ambition.

“THE. CHRIS. PATRICK. Chris has been an instrumental part of my artistic development since we met each other in Chicago. Chris has provided me with great counsel and insights. Some decisions I’ve made were after talks with Chris! Chris brought me to GREATER THAN. I decided to sign with Greater Than for a few reasons. One reason is I believe disruption can be beneficial to produce positive outcomes. How Greater Than was briefed to me by Chris made me think this is a disruptor. LFG. And the label is! Another reason is because of the names and legacies attached. PAULA MOORE. RANDY JACKSON. THE LEGACY OF VIRGIN MUSIC (thinking of my influence Janet Jackson, here). There was no hesitation on my end. And, finally, it feels good having someone believe in you and invest in you. Trust, I DO believe in myself, but having the backing, co-sign, collaboration, and direction from the individuals I mentioned; having a team of disruptors at the label; AND being a part of a disruptive roster of talent at the label is HEAVY to me. GREATER THAN allows me to access MORE and I. WANT. MORE.” Sonny explains.

In March, Greater Than Distribution, in partnership with SPIN Magazine, announced SPIN Records at the renowned SXSW festival. This event underscored the label’s commitment to artist development, focusing on mental health, career longevity, and genre diversity.

Greater Than is distinguished not only by its strategic partnerships but also by its innovative Launchpad® programs. These initiatives are designed to support artists at every stage of their career. The Launchpad® programs provide artists with tailored resources, including dedicated A&R representatives, marketing teams, and PR support, ensuring that each artist receives the guidance needed to navigate the complexities of the music industry. This covers everything from playlist placements and sync opportunities to promotional strategies and live event planning.

Additionally, the Artist Services segment of Greater Than offers comprehensive support; including onboarding artists, keeping them up to date with company and industry news, and being that artists’ first point of contact. This white-glove service ensures that artists like Sonny Apollo can focus on their creative output while the company handles the intricacies of distribution and promotion.

Greater Than also actively scouts and signs new talents during major events like SXSW, continuously expanding its roster with diverse artists such as AyoRichard, with his soul-stirring singer-songwriter style, and Jacy, whose pop/R&B blend captures the essence of youthful exuberance. Indie/Alternative artist Sammy Shepard and synth-pop artist forgetmyname further showcase the label’s eclectic and inclusive approach to music.

As Sonny Apollo and his fellow artists move forward, Greater Than Distribution remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what a music company can achieve. With its Launchpad® programs and Artist Services, Greater Than is not just a participant in the music industry—it is a trendsetter, driving the future of music with cutting-edge strategies and a deep commitment to artist success.

Watch this space: Greater Than Distribution is setting the stage for a new era of music, where innovation, artist support, and cultural relevance converge to create a legacy of impactful music.


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