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SPIN Magazine and Greater Than Distribution Ignite SXSW with Innovation and Artistry

2024 SXSW was one for the books, and SPIN’s events were the ultimate place to be. Let’s set the scene: imagine the vibrant heart of SXSW, teeming with creativity, innovation, and the pulsating energy of music lovers from around the globe. As the sun dipped below the gorgeous Austin skyline, SPIN Magazine, now embarking on an ambitious new journey with the launch of SPIN Records in partnership with Virgin Music Group’s Greater Than Distribution, prepared to unveil an evening that would redefine the essence of artist discovery.

The stage was graced by a panel of industry leaders who have played a pivotal role in the transformative shift within the music industry. Paula Moore, an A&R executive and the CEO of Greater Than Distribution, and the renowned Randy Jackson, also the CEO of Greater Than Distribution, joined SPIN’s Jimmy Hutcheson and Danny Klein for a roundtable discussion that was a game-changer.

SPIN panel

This wasn’t just any panel; it was a trove of information on navigating the music industry’s ever-evolving landscape, offering insights on artist development and the secrets to long-term success in the business. The air was thick with anticipation as they shared their vision for SPIN Records: a label dedicated not just to discovering and nurturing talent, but to championing mental health, career longevity, and a diverse array of musical genres. Their words painted a picture of a future where artists are supported wholly, embodying the true spirit of innovation that SPIN and Greater Than Distribution stand for.


As the discussion wrapped, the atmosphere shifted from an enlightening conversation to an electrifying showcase of talent. The stage was set ablaze with performances that breathed life into the night, including a mesmerizing set from Greater Than Distribution’s very own hollo.

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hollo’s performance was a revelation, with soul-stirring vocal ranges and an amazing falsetto that left the audience spellbound. Each note seemed to tell a story, resonating with a depth of emotion that only true artistry can convey. It was one of those unforgettable moments where everyone in the crowd was united, vibing to the rhythm and lost in the music. Hollo’s set underscored the mission of SPIN Records and Greater Than Distribution: to cultivate an environment where artists can thrive, explore, and break boundaries.

The evening was a vivid illustration of the powerful synergy between journalism and music production, between SPIN Magazine and Greater Than Distribution. Together, they are setting the stage for a new era in the music industry, where the focus is on nurturing talent, embracing diversity, and fostering sustainable careers. As the night came to a close, it was clear that this SXSW event was not just a moment in time but a landmark in the journey of music’s evolution. The partnership between SPIN and Greater Than Distribution, celebrated under the Austin stars, promises to be a beacon of hope and creativity, guiding the future of music into uncharted, yet bright, territories.

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To celebrate the announcement of SPIN launching a record label and partnership with Greater Than Distribution, we selected AI Background start-up, Voia, to create a digital SPIN cover shoot for our crews to capture content with artists on the ground!

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