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Shaping the Future of Music: Greater Than Distribution’s Bold New Blueprint for the Industry

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Greater Than Distribution is revolutionizing the music industry with a bold, innovative approach that transcends traditional music distribution. Led by industry giants Randy Jackson and Paula Moore, and in collaboration with Virgin Music Group, Greater Than is crafting a vibrant ecosystem where artists, micro-influencers, and cultural curators converge to redefine what it means to be a part of the music world.

Short Form Content: Your Guide to Social Media Success in 2024

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In today’s digital landscape, the dominance of video is unparalleled! However, with attention spans declining, the competition for those fleeting moments of audience attention is more fierce than ever. Amidst this competition—short-form content emerges as a standout and remarkably effective tool for audience engagement and discovery.

Bang Yongguk “III” US Tour Review

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Bang Yongguk, former leader of the K-Pop idol group B.A.P turned solo Korean Hip-Hop artist, returned for his second solo tour, ‘III’ The US Tour 2024. The tour showcased his recent EP, titled ‘3’, across 11 cities in April 2024. As a seasoned concert goer across several genres, it was hands down one of the most vibey concerts I’ve seen to date.

Top 5 Healing Hertz Music Artists

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Discover the transformative power of music as we delve into the realm of artists who weave healing frequencies into their compositions.

Meg Dion’s debut release “Easy to Miss” could be classified as a breakup song, but not the kind you’re thinking of… 

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Rather than griping about an ex-love or wallowing in sadness, “Easy to Miss” is a sultry dark pop anthem for people who are already over it, unforgettable, and confident in their self-worth. Through clever lyrics like “Taking some distance but you couldn’t get far” and “How many hollow bodies to realize it was always me?” Meg Dion perfectly explains the people who instigate the end of a relationship only to realize how much they can’t live without you.

Moon Culture Cafe: Interview with Yify


On this episode, Muse is joined by Yify Zhang, a healing singer-songwriter; to discuss her musical background, healing process, and her aspirations for the future! In this clip you can hear her discussing healing frequencies in music.