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SXSW Official Artist, Vital Powers on Pioneering the Fusion of Dancehall, Grime, and Reggae from England’s Vibrant Music Scene

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“Rapping for years and years I’ve realized, it’s not about having a good song, it’s somewhere in the song… did they connect in some way…some songs is like ok just listen to it, that’s cool, but it has to do something…I know that all of the people love fun, so I try to create that…I’ll instruct people…cause even if you hate my music, you’re remembering that this guy made me hurt my knees today. And then now you’re moving, even if you were bored of me, now you’re moving..”

SPIN Magazine and Greater Than Distribution Ignite SXSW with Innovation and Artistry

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2024 SXSW was one for the books, and SPIN’s events were the ultimate place to be. Let’s set the scene: imagine the vibrant heart of SXSW, teeming with creativity, innovation, and the pulsating energy of music lovers from around the globe. As the sun dipped below the gorgeous Austin skyline, SPIN Magazine, now embarking on an ambitious new journey with the launch of SPIN Records in partnership with Virgin Music Group’s Greater Than Distribution, prepared to unveil an evening that would redefine the essence of artist discovery.

Randy Jackson and Paula Moore’s Fireside Chat Sparks the Future of Music at Greater Than Distribution

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In the world of music, few partnerships buzz with as much potential as Randy Jackson and Paula Moore’s latest venture, Greater Than Distribution. 

Having rocked the A&R scene at major labels for two decades, this dynamic duo has now hit the play button on a new record that’s music to the ears of artists everywhere. So, what happens when two industry mavens team up for their first public appearance to spill the beans on their shared vision for the future of music? You get an unmissable blend of wisdom, wit, and a window into the future of artist development. The perfect blend to give it a real “fireside chat” feel.

Unveiling the Unseen: A First-Timer’s Reverie at SXSW

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Entering the vibrant chaos of Austin for the first time, it’s no surprise that the energy of SXSW instantly enveloped me. It was a journey into the unknown, an expedition ignited by curiosity and a thirst for discovery. As a first-time attendee of the renowned festival, every step felt like a leap into a new realm of possibility.

Sú North: Orchestrating Harlem’s Melodic Legacy, Inspired by Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Mental Health Advocacy.

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“I learned quickly that I am a human being, that is not flawed but is very fragile.” North explains. “Some days I may cry, some days I may be upset, some days I’m gonna be happy, but there’s a time in my life that I didn’t really understand it, I was in a very deep sadness and frustration with myself…and listening to Mac Miller, Macadelic album, that album, like, saved my life, I said it in one of my songs.”