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SXSW Official Artist, Vital Powers on Pioneering the Fusion of Dancehall, Grime, and Reggae from England’s Vibrant Music Scene

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“Rapping for years and years I’ve realized, it’s not about having a good song, it’s somewhere in the song… did they connect in some way…some songs is like ok just listen to it, that’s cool, but it has to do something…I know that all of the people love fun, so I try to create that…I’ll instruct people…cause even if you hate my music, you’re remembering that this guy made me hurt my knees today. And then now you’re moving, even if you were bored of me, now you’re moving..”

Shaping the Future of Music: Greater Than Distribution’s Bold New Blueprint for the Industry

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Greater Than Distribution is revolutionizing the music industry with a bold, innovative approach that transcends traditional music distribution. Led by industry giants Randy Jackson and Paula Moore, and in collaboration with Virgin Music Group, Greater Than is crafting a vibrant ecosystem where artists, micro-influencers, and cultural curators converge to redefine what it means to be a part of the music world.