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Thoughts On SXSW From an Indie Artist

Whether you’re an official or unofficial artist, Austin, TX is the place to be in March. SXSW is a hub of musical activity, with so much to offer musicians and industry professionals alike. With thousands of musicians roaming the streets of Austin, it’s hard not to bump into a potential bandmate, collaborator, manager, booking agent, A&R scout. 2024 was my first time attending SXSW. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I can say that after my week in Texas, I will not be forgetting my experience anytime soon. As both an independent artist and emerging music industry professional, I learned so much, made so many valuable connections, and most importantly had fun. While I was there primarily for work this year, that didn’t stop me from making the most of my time at SXSW as an artist. Networking with new peers was very important to me, and I did meet a lot of cool people, but I think my favorite take away from SXSW was the inspiration. I heard so much great advice from industry legends like Paula Moore and Randy Jackson (shout out Paula and Greater Than for bringing me to SXSW). What really inspired me was the music. Never have I been to so many shows in one night, or even one week! One of my absolute favorite bands I saw at SXSW was Shallow Alcove. I have been listening to their music non-stop since coming home from Texas, and I am just in love, obsessed; Shallow Alcove is my new personality. They are inspiring me so much overall as a creative – their music, aesthetic, branding, visuals, all of it. And that is what is really valuable to me as an up-and-coming independent artist, being inspired to grow in my journey. I am excited to ride this wave of inspiration and apply it to my music and career, and cannot wait for SXSW 2025! 

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Thanks Dioné for makingme sparkle at SXSW! 🤩

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